Red Ledges Master Planned Community

This high-end residential development in Heber City, Utah, began as a simple base-and-pave for Morgan Asphalt but has grown over the years into a full infrastructure buildout—including all utilities, earthwork, and site grading, in addition to the paving.

The utility work has consisted of placing PVC, HDPE, and ductile iron pipe in extremely rocky and unyielding soils. Morgan has been able to use on-site spoils that were crushed and processed to create a suitable backfill material, which has saved the owner the cost of importing non-native material. The 20-foot-deep trenches necessary for utility construction have created a unique set of safety hazards, which have been constantly monitored by safety personnel during daily site inspections. The use of GPS technology on equipment has allowed the construction impact zone to be kept at a minimal-sized area, thus reducing the our impact on local vegetation as well as keeping development and local area land owners happy and satisfied with Morgan’s work. Red Ledges’ aggressive schedule has been met by Morgan Asphalt employees, who realize the value of customer service and have taken personal ownership in their efforts to meet expectations.

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