West Valley City needed a competitive bid to stay within budget while also meeting all completion dates.  The City of West Valley needed Overlays, patching, and milling completed in order to keep the local roads and infrastructure up to standards.  Challenges were immediately encountered and quick decisions had to be made in order to stay on schedule and to keep production levels as high and efficient as possible.  Paving in local neighborhoods can be very challenging with limited access, complex traffic control systems to keep access to all the homes and winding streets, but Morgan Asphalt was successful in being awarded the project and was extremely proficient in handling the logistics.  

In keeping with Morgan Asphalts culture and expectations the work was performed as expected.  Attention to detail, a great work ethic, and  professionalism was incorporated into the construction process from the beginning and carried all the through to the project’s completion creating a successful project for both West Valley City and Morgan Asphalt.

See West Valley City’s letter of thanks here.

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