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As a full-scale utility company, Morgan Asphalt can provide a comprehensive list of services to tackle any task. From paving to roto-milling, excavating to recycling, we’ve done it all.

Need a job done? Our top-notch crews have a reputation for displaying excellence in whatever we do, as well as offering a fair and reasonable price. Don’t believe us? Let us prove it to you.

We work both with regular bids and ongoing contracts, and we can provide maintenance or come to the rescue with emergency repair projects. We treat our work as more than a just task checked off a list or a timecard punched. It’s our chance to prove what we’re made of. We know one flaw can upend an entire project, so we’re meticulous in our pursuit of perfection. We’re also flexible and can adjust accordingly as project scopes change.

Safety is among our most important considerations. Everyone looks out for one another and keeps both eyes open for any potential hazards. We’ll do whatever we need to do to make sure that all of our employees get to go home safely to their families at the end of the day.

Take a look at all our services, and you’ll quickly see what puts Morgan Asphalt above the rest.

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These calculators are designed to give approximate amounts only. They will help you determine the quantity you need; however, variations in subgrade, compaction of subgrade, or inaccurate measurements, even a quarter of an inch, can make a difference.