Recycling Operations

Talking about saving the environment is all well and good, but it takes more than a few noble intentions to preserve this fragile planet we share. Morgan Asphalt talks a big game when it comes to recycling, and we walk the walk. Not only do we recycle material from our own jobs—reducing our impact on the environment and our consumption of natural resources—but we will also recycle  materials from other demolition projects.

Recycling Operations

7620 West Highway 201, Magna, UT 84044

SUMMER HOURS: Monday-Friday 7:00-5:00

WINTER HOURS: Monday-Friday 8:00-4:00

Contact Info

SCALE HOUSE: Shannon – (801) 942-9501

MATERIALS MANAGER: Evan – (801) 694-6025

SCALE HOUSE FAX: (801) 943-3911



Give Us A Call: (801) 595-0010 or visit our contact page.

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